Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bargain Bin: Double the Rod, Quarter of the Cost

Double curtain rods not only layers and texture to a window, they also add functionality. By using sheers or opaque curtains underneath the heavier silk or velvet curtain, you have the option to allow light flood the room while still maintaining your privacy.Depending on your budget double curtain rods can be a budget buster. These rods cost upwards of $200 from Pottery Barn. You can find a comparable rod at Walmart for under $50.

Feed This To That: Shower Curtains to Art & Pillows

I have a soft place for anything french or anything written in a foreign language. It could "You smell like rotten eggs." But if it looks pretty and sounds pretty I am attracted to it. Overstock has these great shower curtains that marry dictionary style with new languages. They are perfect for adding a personality to any bathroom.

You could also use these shower curtains to make great floor pillows for any loungey room. A great way to bring something unexpected to colored space. They are only $17.99 a piece. A great value.

Or cut it up and decoupage a bar top or side table with your favorite saying to make a conversation piece for any room.

Our favorite application is making custom wall art. You could frame these into an eye catching collage. Or collage them all together in one large piece to create a large piece of artwork for pennies on the dollar.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Design Feed: Don't just listen to the vinyl!

Vinyl has left the turn table and now belongs on the wall. Using vinyl on the walls is a simple way to make a large impact in a room, no artistic talent needed. My favorite use of vinyl is to personalize a space is in the laundry room and a hallway.

Vinyl brings the fun back to laundry. I once daunting task is lightened with clever sayings and image.

Spice up your paint and let everyone know that your home is all about family.

You can find personalized vinyl wall decals on Jazz it up!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Design Feed: For the Love of Letters

Letterpress is an art that has been around for decades. That art is now evolving from paper to sculpture. Our newest love is using antique, or reproduction antique letterpress blocks as sculpture.

Letterpress blocks can really fit with any decor. For a modern spin create a wall feature with hidden messages such as you family names, business, or an inside joke. Similar to what did.

For a more shabby chic look use the blocks to create a welcome message to your guests in a guest room or spell your child's name in a nursery.

To make your sculpture functional use the blocks to create a a table top, dresser top, a mirror border, or dress up the back of a dining room chair. The possibilities are truly endless. Comparable tables are sold at for hundreds.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Design Feed: Wallpaper Is Back

Wallpaper is back and I love it. We're using some textured wallpaper in our master bedroom for a feature wall. I love all the new and retro patterns out there, but I'm not willing to commit them in one of my rooms. Real Simple just did an article on uses for left over wallpaper. I thought this is perfect for me. I get to use all the wallpaper I love and not have to commit an entire room design around it.

My favorite application is using is it to line drawers. I plan on doing this in my guest room as an unexpected surprise for my guests.

I also love the idea of creating book covers. It's a great project for sending your kids off to school or using them to unify your book shelves.

Other recommendations from Real Simple:
- Make framed artwork
- Hang a scroll
- Decorate empty cans

Click below for step by step instructions.

Bargain Bin: Pottery Barn Mendocino Bed $100

I was born and raised to be a bargain hunter. I remember sifting through the racks of TJMaxx, Ross, and Nordstrom Rack from a very early age. Always on the hunt for the highest quality at the lowest price. I have to extend thanks to Mr. Craig for developing a list that took my bargain hunting skills from in store to online. I have furnished and refurnished countless apartments with Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Restoration Hardware, you name it I have purchased it off Craiglist and for fraction of the price. Also, who doesn't love not paying tax or shipping? Now that I have set roots I still use C-list for those hard to find items at a great price.

I have been drooling over the Pottery Barn Mendocino bed for years now. It didn't work in our master bedroom, so I was determined to add it to a guest room. I had seen on C-list in San Francisco, but not in Portland yet. Everyday I would search for Pottery barn or iron bed, and one day I hit the jackpot. There was my beautiful bed for $100!!

Welcome to the blogosphere

Even as a digital media professional, I have long avoided starting a blog. I've always thought I never had the time or energy that it takes to maintain one. But I've decided to make the leap and see what it's all about.

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