Thursday, April 16, 2009

Feed This to That: Spring Sweaters

Spring is here! We've all lost weight and we're all shedding our winter sweaters. Instead of putting them in the closet and making them susceptible to moths, holes and stench why not reinvent them in your home. We love the idea that Martha Stewart showcased on her websites. Taking the seats and turning them into stylish seats covers. These would make a hard accent chair look cozy and inviting. Or use them in a nursery so a baby has a snuggly place to learn how to walk.

We've also noticed the trend of turning seaters into pillows. Sweater pillows were top selling items on both Pottery Barn and West Elm last winter. These can be easily made with a sweater, scissors, thread and some buttons for accents. We love them for a cabin or mountain house where comfort and style are the number one priority.

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