Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tips & Tricks: The Perfect Bedskirt

Ever dream of the perfect bed skirt length like you see in every catalog? With a few simple tricks you can achieve that look without the custom made price. We've recently been having the problem that we find the perfect bed skirt, but it isn't the right length. The idea of spending the time and money to have it altered just seem absurd. We recently had this problem in our master bedroom. We have a little less than a 14 inch drop on our king bed. We found a beautiful DKNY bed skirt on Ebay that was a fraction of the $300 skirt we were eyeing from Ethan Allen. Unfortunately, this skirt had a 17 inch drop on it. To make our bargain skirt fit our bed we simply used straight pins to gather the fabric under the mattress and shorten the length.

This technique can be applied to bed skirts of all lengths. We shortened our king bed skirt by 3 inches and also our guest bedroom by an inch.


  1. Great idea. I also have added bed risers to my king. It gives it a more regal look.


  2. I absolutely need to do this! I have a perfectly colored bed skirt pooling on the floor and it's driving me crazy. Every morning I look at it frustrated. I'm going to do this as soon as I get home tonight. Thanks.

  3. I'm glad this tip was helpful! Thanks for the comments.